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What the funk is Heymakers?

We’re a hard-hitting production house that specializes in creating kick-ass video campaigns and content with a purpose. Our years of music industry and ad agency/marketing experience sets us apart from any other production house. We offer creative concepts, video production, & original music that'll blow your fucking mind. From video branded content series to advertising pieces, we do it all. Try us out on a project!

Our purpose

We like to work with people who have good hearts and bring good vibes to the world with either conscientious or funny content stories.

Cut the fluff, a remote solution.

No sessions - which means no danishes, no expensive sandwiches, no fluff. With this web-based structure, your budget goes solely towards your content. We can even live-stream straight to your computer so you can keep working and have an eye on the shoot while it’s happening. We work remotely and execute video shoots from where they need to be and have our studios in Canada, where the dollar is cheap and talent is world-class. Executing projects with us over the web makes it most convenient, time-saving, and will maximize your ROI to the fullest.

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Some Of
Our Work

Sometimes you need to get things out quickly.
You can call Heymakers in situations like that.

Heymakers demo reel, 2019.

Concept by our our creative director, Bruce Harris.

Co-creative and full production by Heymakers.
Music… NOT by us, by TA-2 Toronto.

…See the “Work” page for more.