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What the f*%$? is Heymakers?

We’re a creative collective that offers a mix of advertising and content marketing to create kick-ass online campaigns. From strategy to creative concepts and production, we do what it takes to promote your brand in a meaningful and effective way. 

We’ve restructured the traditional ad agency model to cut the fluff and get you more of that sweet, sweet ROI. Our lean crew of strategists, art directors, photographers, filmmakers, designers, music artists, and audio geeks are here to make a mark on culture, make noise, and get things done quickly. Our music scene background is our strength and is a part of everything we do.

We like to work with people who have good hearts and bring good vibes to the world with conscientious campaign stories. We take a collaborative approach to give brands the best results possible. 

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The Heymakers squad is based out of Toronto and Montréal.


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