What We Do



Nowadays everyone wants to get in on that content game – so they produce content, and lots of it. What sets great content apart from all the clutter? A good strategy aimed toward achieving your goals.

At Heymakers, we figure out the best ways to promote your business online using a mix of traditional advertising and content marketing, and focusing on video. We research your industry and your competitors to create a strategy that is efficient, relevant, and specific to your business goals. We establish a detailed action plan to reach your target personas.

Offering a 360° approach through strategy, creative and production really helps cut the fluff and get straight-up ROI. 



Heymakers works with a crew of amazing creators to produce concepts that are bold, eye-catching, specific, and relevant to your business goals. By specializing in video, we’ve restructured traditional advertising roles into a modern, time-saving employee structure that is proven to be one of the most efficient ways of working. We select creatives based on video advertising experience. We also participate in culture outside of advertising: we have worked — and will continue to work — on award-winning films, music videos, art, and music. 


Video Production

We craft high-quality cinematic videos, specific to your target audience and to your brand's tone and voice. Our production team is linked directly to our creatives — no broken telephone, no time or energy lost. Heymakers gets shit done, fast. No sessions, no danishes, no expensive sandwiches, no fluff. With this structure, your budget goes solely towards your content. That's how we're able to provide more content, and more AB-testing on campaigns to optimize what trends the most. Most importantly, we believe that your brand deserves the best production possible for both advertising and content, and that working in the digital medium shouldn't mean compromising quality.

We take care of all the aspects of production, from casting to final cut and we do most of our work through web to minimize lost time and optimize ROI. 

Brand safety is important to us and that’s why offering original content is a must. Mistakes can happen with stock footage and music, where brands end up with the exact same music or video footage in their campaigns. By providing original content with exclusive use, we at Heymakers never let that happen. Also, stock footage sucks, everyone knows it. Custom production is where it’s at. 


As part of our production service, we offer high-end audio and music. Our tried-and-true approach to music and audio for web comes from our previous success on international TV campaigns. From VO to sound design to original music, we take care of your audio needs, big time. Our original music is written by real artists who contribute to culture as musicians, not audio house stock music churners. This allows us to produce music that is not only better quality, but most importantly, creates an authentic human-emotional connection to target audiences.

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